Goodrich Petroleum
Goodrich Petroleum

Goodrich Petroleum Corporation welcomes inquiries from shareholders, investment professionals, the news media, business associates and others interested in the operations of the company. To assist us in responding as quickly as possible, please direct your inquiry to the appropriate category below, or contact us by email or phone.

Goodrich Petroleum Corporation
801 Louisiana, Suite 700
Houston, Texas 77002
Main : 713.780.9494
Fax: 713.780.9254

Investor Relations / Corporate Communications:
Please refer to the Investor Relations portion of our site for shareholder and financial information and to order investment packages. If you need additional information, please contact Daniel E. Jenkins at 713-780-9494 or

Lease / Royalty Owner Relations:
Questions concerning ownership information or royalty payments should be directed to the Land Dept at 832-399-3200 or

Business Ventures:
Inquiries regarding new business ventures, acquisitions or divestitures should be directed to Robert Turnham, President at 713.780.9494 or

Human Resources:
For current employment opportunities at Goodrich Petroleum, please view CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

Operational Emergencies:

In the event of a fire, spill or accident, please, immediately call our emergency number to report the incident at 713.780.9494.